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Hayden Menzies came down from Toronto to spend a week with us in the Industry Print Shop studio. He managed to go from thinking he had about 12 layers in him, but ended with 25. Seeing this print evolve was a really great experience and we are happy to have had the chance to guide it along.

This is Hayden's first silkscreen of more than a couple of colors and the intent was to capture the detail of his larger than life paintings. Do yourself a favor and look up his fine art to understand what went into this print. And while you are at it check out his band Metz.

About the series:
This is a limited edition of 90, with only 70 available to the public. Archival 100% cotton paper is used, and the final print size is 22x30 inches with an image size of 18x24 inches. All prints are signed, numbered and embossed.  
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